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Receive the training, networks and resources to develop your career. Gain direct experience with special needs individuals. Receive college credit. Join the Home of Angels Virtual Internship Program!

Boost Your Resume

• Showcase your project accomplishments and skills on your resume after the internship program.

• Complete multiple individual projects related to your career interest, and share your successes.

• Learn valuable skills, including fundraising, outreach, social media, and more.

• Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the internship.

Boost Your Resume

• Learn professional, communication, management, leadership, and financial skills.

• Gain hands-on project management experience.

• Learn valuable nonprofit skills, including how to fundraise, conduct outreach, engage on social media, and more.

Develop Your Network

• Making connections opens the door to new opportunities.

• Meet families with special needs, get to know other like-minded interns, and hear from professionals and coaches through teleconferencing, messaging, and live events.

• Gain complimentary access to local events.

About the Virtual Internship Program

The Home of Angels’ Virtual Internship Program is a 10-week internship program that provides college students with the training, networks and resources to develop their career related to special needs, while gaining valuable work experience and college credit.

We are looking for passionate college juniors and seniors who seek to make a difference in the community and serve special needs individuals.

The internship is available during the summer and academic semesters. The internship requires a time commitment of 3 hours per week. All internships are unpaid. However, we can provide you with college academic credit, completion certificate and a letter of recommendation at the end of your internship.

Each intern will be provided with one lead. Interns work virtually and independently. Interns will also identify and work directly with persons with special needs and/or disabilities. Interns will be responsible for taking on special projects throughout the course of the internship.


Home of Angels offers a competitive internship program for students enrolled in an accredited college or university.

Applicants must:

— Be currently enrolled at a college or university (online schools are acceptable if they are accredited by the US Department of Education)

— Have demonstrated leadership skills

— Be flexible and willing to work virtually

— Be able to commit to a 10-week internship of 3 hours per week


— Conduct outreach to the community on Home of Angels.

— Seek out a local family with a special needs individual (child, teen or adult), and meet with that family on a regular basis.

— Identify sponsors.

— Write content and blog postings for Home of Angels’ website and social media.

— Share your experiences each week with other interns on a group call.

— Develop weekly goals and measure your progress. Provide weekly reports.

— And more!

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Fill out your contact information below to receive more information and an application form. If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you will be invited for a phone interview. Within 2 weeks, candidates will be notified.

For more information, please email us at or call (626) 872-2162.


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