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Guardian Angel Program

The Guardian Angel Program (GAP) seeks to bring together a “Circle of Friends,” combined with a supported infrastructure that blends into community integration. In order to promote a lasting bond between our angels and community to foster true inclusion of special needs population, GAP provides the following services:

• GAP is community integration for special needs individual with minimal help.

• Instill basic social skills for Angels to navigate in the community.

• Greater exposure to community environments (e.g. . restaurants, libraries and fire stations)

• While GAP provides some supervision, its main focus is didactic ( teachable moments).


Home and Family

GAP Domain 1
• Home Management (e.g. vacuuming, dusting, cleaning, making a bed, and laundering)
Meal preparation (e.g. food nutrition, menu planning, and grocery shopping)
• Maintaining a budget (e.g. using a banking service, paying bills, and purchasing day-to-day items)

Employment and Education

GAP Domain 2
• Academic and vocational education and training
• Access to training support services
• Focus on studying, organizational and time management skills

Leisure and Recreation

GAP Domain 3
• Individual physical activities (e.g. swimming and hiking)
• Group activities (e.g. softball, football, basketball, and tennis)
• Community/neighborhood activities (e.g. bbqs, Special Olympics, and fairs)
• Entertainment (e.g. theaters, spectator sports, and concerts)

Community Involvement

GAP Domain 4
• Access to all levels of government agencies
• Ride on public transportation in natural environments
• Access to emergency services and resources (e.g. police, emergency medical services, hospitals, and fire stations)
• Voting and volunteering opportunities in local government activities
• Volunteering opportunities with different community organizations

Personal Relationships

GAP Domain 5
Creation of a personal Circle of Friends:
• Program Development Team
• Mentors / Therapists
• Peers / Angels
• Volunteers
• Friends
• Relatives

WHO: Open to all special needs individuals of all ages

WHEN: Year-round | 15-30 hours per week

WHERE: Alhambra, CA

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Saturday Program

Saturday program is creating an environment where kids are able to imply things that they have learned and apply it in their natural settings. To be able to widen their horizon in play skills and be able to show more of their creativity and choices that they make. In other words creating teachable moments while at the same time having fun!

• Creates a moment for Angels to get out of their comfort zone.

• Apply learning and use it in different Natural settings (Park, Restaurant, libraries, etc.)

Didatic instead of supervision. Lets learn and have fun!

My Fair Lady (MFL) Program

MFL focus on the transition from a girl to a women. Teaching them how to prepare for their body changes and adulthood. These are the areas we focus on:

Hygiene (Periods, Showering, and Laundry)

Social Etiquette (Greetings, Eating Etiquette, and Sitting Posture)

Safety (Using the restrooms, Restaurants, and Parks)

Relationship (Friendships, Text Messages, and Phone Calls)


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For more information, please email us at or call (626) 872-2162.

Through Home of Angels' Circle of Friends, including parents, coaches, therapists, siblings, interns, volunteers, and peers, we provide Angels with an entire support system that helps them to succeed.

By addressing five critical domains, including “Home and Family,” Employment and Education," “Personal Relationships,” and more, Angels benefit from greater confidence, a supportive community, creativity, coordination and team work, camaraderie and acceptance by the community and public.


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