Many special needs service providers do not teach any skills or provide training that allows special needs individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Special needs individuals are often isolated, lack the multiplicity of interactions from the community, lack empathy, and have no friends.

Special needs individuals are often not understood or accepted by the public. Thus, they are looked down upon and/or treated differently from others.


Rather than just supervising or babysitting Angels, Home of Angels utilizes a revolutionary approach to give Angels the tools, community support, resources, and guidance to succeed.

Home of Angels provides diverse and important social connections within and outside the community through a "Circle of Friends," including peers, other Angels, friends, mentors, volunteers, etc.

By addressing five critical domains, including “Home and Family” and “Personal Relationships,” Angels benefit from greater confidence, a supportive community, creativity, coordination and team work, camaraderie and acceptance by the community and public.

Home of Angels provides basic social skills training, behavioral training, and exposure to community environments, which helps the Angel integrate into the community and become more independent.


We teach special needs individuals critical life skills and help them make improvements towards their individual goals.

We help special needs individuals become 100% independent as they integrate into the community.

Since our founding, we have helped more than 140 Angels and 600 children integrate into society and become more independent through our programs.

We help change the mindset of parents to focus on what their special needs child or adult can do, rather than what they cannot do, and support them towards a bright future of achievement.

We help inspire parents to believe in their special need child's or adult's abilities and potential for growth and independence.

More than 400 volunteers have given back to serve special needs individuals.

We work to change the negative perceptions that people have towards special needs individuals and foster greater understanding and awareness of special needs individuals’ capabilities.

We invest in our interns by providing one-on-one coaching, workshop training in professional, management and leadership skills, exposure to business and community leaders, and opportunities to advance as a leader.


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