Serve the community and
make a difference.

Through Home of Angels CARES, special needs individuals have the opportunity to serve the homeless, foster children, and others who need assistance. Volunteer with Home of Angels Cares!

Make a Big Impact

• Help prepare meals at the Home of Angels Soup Kitchen.

• Distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless.

• Collect and deliver school supplies, food and clothing for children in foster homes.

Bring Value to Your Community

• Help feed homeless people and give them quality assistance to meet their unique and individual needs.

• Show what you can do and help other less fortunate individuals.

• Empower and inspire others to serve.

Connect with the Community

• Interact with other special needs individuals, volunteers, homeless, foster children, and less fortunate individuals.

• Work and collaborate within a team while engaging in meaningful work.

• Understand the needs of others in the community.

Whether you prepare food for the homeless or deliver supplies to foster children, you will be a valuable member of our family when you volunteer with Home of Angels CARES!

    Prepare food at Home of Angels’ kitchen in a safe, hygienic environment.

    Serve and/or deliver food to the homeless.

    Prepare and deliver clothing and schools supplies for foster children.


Please fill out your contact information below. We will send you more information soon!

For more information, please email us at or call (626) 872-2162.


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